Monopati Eco Villas
Equipped down to the smallest detail

Three eco-friendly villas in Ikaria

Calm surroundings and Inspirational views

Monopati Eco Villas are to be found on the north side of the island of Ikaria, in the village of Agios Polykarpos, and comprise a unit of three eco-friendly villas, each guaranteeing privacy, calm surroundings, and inspirational views; they are equipped down to the smallest detail, with everything you need for a totally comfortable, relaxing, and highly memorable stay - the height of holiday leisure in fact.

Combining the beauty of the mountains and breathtaking views of the Ikarian Sea, it's impossible to dream of a more ideal setting. The Harakas river and canyon are within reach of the villas and offer access to a series of other magnificent landscapes. Other nearby activities include hiking, swimming, surfing and food and wine tasting.

The villa construction is based on what the island nature has to offer, and aimed at having the least environmental impact. Built in the Ikarian tradition, local materials such as stone, wood and bamboo prevail, combining modern and traditional architectural features. In all aspects of design and construction bioclimatic elements have been adopted, with the villas equipped with four solar panels that provide hot water all year round. All electronic devices are A-class in terms of energy efficiency, and our medium-term objective is to achieve energy autonomy - i.e. 100% renewables.

Around the houses there are gardens and fields where fruits, herbs and vegetables of the season are grown in a family context, strictly with no use of pesticides and insecticides. The crops are made with emphasis on the continuous enrichment of the soil with naturally composted fertilizer and with rich foliage. Depending on the season you will be able to taste for free these organic products. Indicatively in September there are plenty of figs, prickly pears and blackberries.

Villa Hypatia

"Life is an unfoldment, and the further we travel the more truth we can comprehend."


Villa Melina

"The tenderest of all is for me to belong to everybody"


Villa Calliope

Bob Dylan sings "Mother of Muses, sing for me, Sing of the mountains and the deep dark sea,...I'm falling in love with Calliope..."